Feel good in your body

Unwind your whole body while strengthening your wrists, knees, and lower back with this unique program given by our certified and expert therapy yoga instructor Mathilde Jazzar

Through the 6 classes of this program, you will benefit from working on different body parts such as wrists, knees, and lower back, in addition to improving your breath and getting better relaxation at night

Not just that, the program also has a special session to help women find ease and comfort during menstruation time

Special Program Feature:


A complete program to help you regain strength in your overall body


   A Dedicated session to release your lower back pain and body tension


   Dedicated sessions to help you

strengthen your wrists, knees, and back


A Special session to support women finding comfort during menstruation


Dedicated sessions to wind down at night and improve your breathing


Easy and simple-to-follow program with 6 complete sessions


   A completion certificate offered to you by Shala online when you successfully finish the entire program

Reinforce your

back muscles

Care for your wrists

and knees

Find comfort during menstruation

Unlimited Access to the Full Program 

79$ / 6 Classes